Holiday Fit Tips

absHoliday Fit Tips

Be realistic: You cant out work your food. Eat to make yourself feel good first and foremost. Your nutrition is the base to Shift your focus from calorie intake to eating to give yourself optimal energy. Keep it clean and consistent throughout the winter months. There are 2 ‘Holidays’ that means 2 days to enjoy yourself and hop back on clean eating

Be Time Efficient: Keep your training high intensity with perfect form. Get in and out of the gym and pick exercises that you enjoy.

Seize Every Exercise Opportunity: Always remember 15 minutes is better than nothing so make it count. If you don’t have time to hit the gym throw your shoes on first thing in the morning and get a quick body weight circuit done at home or go for a brisk walk/jog in your neighborhood.
Be proud of every accomplishment: While looking and feeling great is important you have to be happy with where you are at in your everyday life. Setting markers and goals as your journey progresses is critical. You have to be happy on the inside first and foremost. “Be healthy and take care of yourself, but be happy with the beautiful things that make you, you.”

Indulge Smart: Everyone enjoys having a treat meal every now and then however there are easy ways to enjoy yourself and not send your program into a downward spiral. Plan your day accordingly and eat your regular nutritious meals every three hours along with your gallon of water. That way when it comes to your holiday meals you can make smart decisions and not go overboard because your hungry and blood sugar is low. I always steer clear of processed gluten heavy foods, dairy and loads of sugar. If you must have a dessert a few bites should be sufficient to satisfy cravings after a well thought out day.

Try New Recipes: Look up creative alternatives to your traditional recipes like: Gluten Free Stuffing or Pumpkin Pie. If you are going over to a friends or family members for you holiday meal, offer to bring some of your healthy alternatives. I bet they wont even know the difference.