About Brittany Lauren

IFBB Pro Fitness | Figure & Bikini Competitor | Fitness Model |  Motivational Speaker

Owner of Fit Images, PEPP and Max Muscle

Brittany Lauren has always been involved in fitness and living a healthy lifestyle. At a young age, Brittany found a love for gymnastics. Her passion for gymnastics took her to competitions in America and Australia. Utilizing her spirit in gymnastics and love for health, she decided to enter the world of fitness and was one of the youngest competitors to earn a Pro-Card at the USA Championships. After, she continued to compete at IFBB in fitness and figure.

Since achieving her Pro status, Brittany gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Bailey Rae. The birth of Bailey gave Brittany a new perspective to life. Her focused shifted into helping others learn how to live a balanced, healthy life. Brittany competed in a bikini competition once her daughter was 7 months old. It was such a joy for her to be able to transform her body back with the company of her daughter. As a team, Brittany would take Bailey on hikes, weight training, and running. Bailey became her new motivation and driving force to live a healthy life.

Now Brittany dedicates her life to helping others achieve happiness, health, and empowerment. She is an amazing role model to her friends, loved one and clients. Brittany is truly a light in every person’s life she touches.