About Brittany Gaylord

IFBB PRO BRITTANY GAYLORD: IFBB Pro Fitness, Figure & Bikini competitor, Fitness Model and motivational speaker.

Brittany Collage 2013Known by most as a veteran “Jack of All Trades” in the industry of Fitness, Brittany owns and operates Fit Images and Max Muscle Sports Nutrition in Oceanside, CA. At an early age, Brittany earned a Pro-Card at the USA Championships, and went on to compete at IFBB in both fitness and figure categories.

After achieving Pro status Brittany made the decision to take a break from the stage and lend her focus to community efforts and helping her parents to run their family business which produces consumer home show events.  Brittany also ran a rodeo company and worked with various charities to promote health & wellness. In March 2011, Brittany & Brian welcomed their daughter, Bailey Rae into the world. Bailey Rae surprisingly taught Brittany a new balance and perspective in life that took Brittany’s fitness training and lifestyle management to new levels.

Just 7 months after the birth of her daughter and with a new perspective on life, Brittany began to train for a fitness and bikini competition.  The driving factor being; to show others that with hard work and determination, the body can bounce back after childbirth in addition to proving that fitness can be fun and interactive for the whole family.

Fitness is a way of life for Brittany and her family. These days, you can find Brittany at Max Muscle in Oceanside, California where she owns and operates the retail establishment and manages Fit Images. Brittany incorporates what she practices into the training and consulting provided to her clients, and genuinely loves working with each and every individual to ensure that their goals and dreams are achieved.












“I personally have become a huge fan of the bikini and physique divisions as I believe it promotes a very healthy realistic physique for men and women. Women should be able to maintain a balance with their nutrition and stay within about 5lbs of their contest weight all year around and feel good. My coaching techniques promotes that, primarily from the psychological aspect in addition to a balanced nourishing meal plan and fun effective training. With that being said setting realistic personal goals are essential. Bikini and physique contests are subjective so it’s essential to set goals outside of placing’s. I walked away from the IFBB Tijuana Pro more satisfied than any other contest. My goals were to make 2nd call outs, do at least 3 photo-shoots pre show and look the best I ever did. 12th place is winning to me!”Tijuana Pro 2013

“Success is simply never giving in to failure – either in mind or body.”

Steve Backley, The Champion in all of Us: 12 Rules for Success


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