March 8, 2015   INBA Inland Empire Classic Riverside, CA
Team Award   Fit Images — Brian & Brittany Gaylord
(17 Elite Natural Athletes)


So proud of our team today!!! Fit Images rocked the stage the first INBA event in California for 2015. We walked away with a lot of well deserved placings including 2 pro cards!!!

 Dominique (DJ) Vaughn  1st Place *Overall Open Men’s Physique, PNBA Pro-Qualified, & Most Muscular*
Matt Sanchez 1st Open and Novice Bodybuilding, Pro Card, 1st Men’s Novice Physique and 2nd Open Physique
Kirsten Andersen 1st Open Bikini Diva Tall
Drew Hecker 1st Men’s Physique Jr Masters
Alain Guvera 1st Men’s Physique Grand Masters, 5th Novice 6th Open
Shane Jagoda 3rd Open Bodybuilding
Serena Gregoroff 1st Bikini Mamas, 2nd Bikini Divas Novice
Patti 1st Bikini Divas Grand Masters
Jenny Croker 3rd Jr Masters Bikini Divas
Gregory North 2nd Men’s Physique Tall
Sara Fiocco 6th Open Bikini
Marisol 3rd Bikini Mamas
Dani Dufrene 4th Bikini Divas Novice
5th Bikini Divas Open
John Gross 2nd in novice Men’s Physique 4th in Open Tall
Julia Shapiro & Kadine Richards Top 10 and a beautiful showing

DSC_0915DSC_0948DSC_0765Alain DSC_0729

DSC_0650DSC_0906 DSC_0975DSC_0799


April 5, 2014  Lauren Powers Classic

Very Proud of Team Fit Images today! These athletes rocked at the Lauren Powers classic!
Dustin: 1st in Glamour
Erynn:2nd in Fit Mom
Nate: 2nd mens physique
Eddie: 3rd in Mens Physique!
They also all won other prizes! Great day and great show!

March 8, 2014 NPC San Diego Championships

Results from today!!
Mauli “Kle” Martine  Class A 35+  1st
Nate Poliakoff  Class B 6th
Crystal Gillotti, Novice Bikini A, Top 20
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January 25, 2014 NPC Ironman Magazine Naturally

Results from today!!
Ashley Hiney 1st,
Percy 1st,
Leili Flower 1st,
Andrea Dreher 2nd
Jovita Kidd 2nd,
Katie Roderique 3rd,
Alyx Ulbrich in 3rd,
Jamar Vaughn 3rd,
Diana Garcia 3rd,
Kelli Ann 4th,
Patricia Affriseo 4th.
So proud of the whole team. Regardless of placings you all acted as true professionals and gave 100% throughout your entire preparation  #teambetancourt #fitimages

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