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Fit Images is a Professional Competitive Fitness Training Team made up of both male and female athletes. Our team competes in Physique, Figure and Bikini all across the country. We compete together, not against each other! We help each other be the best that we can be and shine at each and every show we do. We work hard, follow directions in our pre contest plans and bring home trophies as a result. We are not new to the game and know that with hard work and determination, any goal can be reached, and any show is anyone’s to win!

IFBB Pro Brittany Gaylord covers everything from how to pick the proper suit for the big day, to where to get your hair and makeup done for the show. We have posing and presentation training as well as custom diet and training plans designed to fit YOUR body for YOUR sport. Whether you are bikini, figure, or physique we will put you on the proper program that fits what you need to win. Every plan is customized. There is no cookie cutter with us.

We give you the formula, but you are expected to follow it! We will help keep you on your game when the going gets tough but the TRULY successful competitor or fitness enthusiast follows each detail of the given plan. You do the work, but we tell you exactly what you need to do. It’s that simple.

Call us to schedule a Free Fitness Assessment: 1-951-743-5158

*See our training programs page for package prices


Fit Images Stage Presentation Posing Package: 

$50/ session – or – $99/ package of 3

If you have not competed before, posing sessions are a must. The individual attention you get will polish your poses and perfect your stage presentations. Posing sessions go into detail on techniques necessary to compete on stage for competitors. From swimsuit style and color, heel preference, walking the stage, conducting 2 & 3 point turns, to mandatory turns. I will help you become more confident in presenting yourself and your physique at its best.